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About Cormier's Electric LLC.
Cormier's Electric LLC. is a family based company in the Anson, ME area. We do everything whether it is a small Outdoor Lighting Repair project or a big Outdoor Lighting Repair project, including Smart homes that can be run from an Ipad or Iphone. Cormier's Electric LLC. provides you with the ability to operate Smart grow rooms from your smart phone or your iPad remotely if you are in the Anson, ME area. For all of your Outdoor Lighting Repair needs in the Anson, ME area, give Cormier's Electric LLC. a call at 207-660-5016.
What Makes Us Unique?
Cormier's Electric LLC. is a member of the BBB in the Anson, ME area as well as a top rated contractor with Home Advisor. Cormier's Electric LLC. is committed to providing excellent customer service, and giving attention to detail for all of your Outdoor Lighting Repair needs in the Anson, ME area. We look forward to working directly with our customers in the Anson, ME area and meeting all of your Outdoor Lighting Repair needs. Please call Cormier's Electric LLC. for an estimate on your Outdoor Lighting Repair project if you are in the Anson, ME area at 207-660-5016.
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When you install outdoor lighting it makes you so proud of the investment made and the neighbors are easily impressed. What isn/t impressive is when you have outdoor lighting that needs repair and makes your exterior look neglected. Take the time to make these repairs and restore the beauty of your home. not to mention the security of a well lit outdoors.

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